Osteopathy for Babies

osteopathy for babies

Cranial osteopathy is used to treat the person as a whole and not simply as a cure to target a particular condition, this means that a very large number of ailments may benefit from this kind of treatment. In babies and children many of the problems of infancy may be helped with this.

Cranial Osteopathy can be helpful if a child has had a difficult birth or for those “unsettled” babies or little ones who have trouble sleeping. As a gentle, safe and effective approach to treatment for a wide range of problems in the whole body, the cranial osteopathy reduces the tension, making the baby or child feel more comfortable.

The baby or child is usually very relaxed following treatment and is able to sleep well, or occasionally some will seem to have a lot of energy afterwards and then sleep well!

Cranial Osteopathy works with the body’s involuntary mechanisms, helping to restore a calming balance to natural biorhythms by means of gentle massage of the child’s skull. Cranial osteopathy is a very safe and gentle form of treatment.

I have over 10 years of experience in using cranial techniques and, as with all expertise, I continue to train in order to update my skills and knowledge.

If you are unsure if cranial osteopathy would be suitable for your baby, I welcome your enquiry.

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For more information about cranial osteopathy for babies and children you can also visit the Sutherland Society website.