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Expert Osteopath in Beeston, Wollaton and Nottingham

Everyday musculoskeletal conditions that can lead to chronic pain regularly see patients provided with painkillers that only mask the pain without treating the source of the pain. Osteopathy offers a non-surgical and drug-free alternative to conventional medicine when treating issues centred around chronic neck, back or shoulder pain. As a registered and fully qualified and experienced osteopath, Farah Khan can also treat nerve damage and sports injuries with improvements sometimes seen after a single treatment.

Why do people turn to an Osteopath?

For many patients around Beeston, Wollaton and Nottingham, the solution was generic painkillers that would deliver short-term pain alleviation if they suffered from sore joints or aching backs or necks. Osteopathy provides lasting relief from musculoskeletal pain using various manual therapy techniques, including soft tissue stretching, massage, and joint articulation. In a holistic process, these techniques work in combination with lifestyle advice, guidance on posture correction and exercise to improve your general health and comfort.

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The consultation process

You can anticipate your first session to last approximately an hour, ending with a clear and concise explanation of your diagnosis and treatment plan. The consultation will focus on your symptoms, how the discomfort manifests, and a comprehensive physical examination of your agility and reflexes to gauge the severity of the symptoms. We will develop a personal treatment plan based on these observations and your complete medical history. Osteopathy can effectively alleviate symptoms in as little as one or two sessions. For others, it can be a more intensive journey, so call us now to arrange your consultation and begin your road to recovery.