Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Back Pain – Coventry, Warwick, Balsall Common, Solihull, Dorridge, Knowle, Nuneaton & Kenilworth

Farah Khan Osteopath is a professional back pain & lower back pain specialist offering a range of treatments at sensible prices.

Unfortunately, lower back pain (or lumbago) is a very common complaint. This can be caused by any number of things from simply keeping a bad posture, through to something much more serious such as an injury from a car accident.

There are various steps you can take in order to help relieve it and sometimes, this can improve on its own within a few weeks or even months. But more often than not the pain can last much longer than this and in many cases the pain will return in the future.

As an Osteopath I tailor my treatment so that it is entirely unique to the individual patient’s needs. This treatment will differ according to a number of factors, which include: age, source of pain, lifestyle, etc.

Lower Back Pain Specialist

The treatment given spans a variety of techniques including joint manipulation, mobilization, stretching, soft tissue massage, and gentle techniques such as cranial are used on the affected area to relieve pain, reduce swelling and improve mobility.

If you live in the West Midlands and you have been suffering with lower back pain, – perhaps you even feel that you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, – please give me a call.

I would love to have a chat and plan a way forward for your pain free future.

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