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Cranial Osteopath

The accumulation of physical and emotional trauma and stresses that build up in our lives can have a lasting if unrecognised effect. Cranial osteopathy provides a pathway to relieving these stresses and restoring the natural biorhythmic state of the body. Through gentle and exact manipulative pressure to the head, a cranial osteopath can bring relief to all manner of complaints including neck and back pain, and headaches.

How does cranial osteopathy work?

The skull comprises twenty-six interconnected bones that can alter form almost imperceptibly through a process known as involuntary motion. The rhythmic pattern of involuntary movements of the brain means the skull changes shape to accommodate it. A cranial osteopath will undergo specialist training in this field. It enables them to detect complex changes in the tissue that can destabilise involuntary movement causing problems for the head and body. Through gentle manipulation, they can determine whether anything is preventing the healthy flow of tissue.

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Cranial osteopath for babies

For babies that have undergone a traumatic or challenging birth, or those struggling to settle or take to breastfeeding, cranial osteopathy can have a soothing effect. Through a technique of gentle massage, natural rhythms are allowed to flow through the body to relax the baby.

About Farah Khan

As a cranial osteopath for babies, Farah Khan has over ten years of experience in helping the old and young with these techniques. She is still pursuing further training and education to enhance her skills in this discipline. Her practice is based in Balsall Common, but she welcomes patients from across Solihull, Nuneaton, Knowle, Kenilworth, Warwick and Coventry. If you would like to know more about your or your babies suitably for cranial osteopathy, please call for an informal and confidential discussion.