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Farah Khan Osteopathic Practice – Warwick

Osteopathy can remedy a vast myriad of complaints through non-surgical and drug-free techniques. Farah Khan is a qualified osteopath based in Balsall Common who treats patients from Warwick and beyond. She provides a caring and thorough approach to individual patients rather than managing the condition allowing for faster recovery and lasting wellbeing.

How does holistic osteopathy work?

A holistic osteopath will take an overview of the individual patient as a means of finding an effective treatment. Rather than just looking at the root problem, a holistic osteopath will compliment manual therapy along with suggestions about daily routine changes and exercise plans. For patients in Warwick, this method can help recovery from musculoskeletal disorders without the need for drugs or surgical intervention.

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What to expect on your first visit

If you have never had a consultation with an osteopath previously, then we assure you we offer a very comfortable environment and adopt a very approachable manner. Initial meetings take around an hour to complete and comprise of three parts.

Consultation: In the first twenty minutes, we will establish what your present difficulties are and a full medical history. We will also examine what lifestyle you lead.

Examination: We will ask you to complete some basic movement and reflex tests as well as orthopaedic tests. It will allow us to have an idea of your overall mobility.

Diagnosis and treatment: Lastly, we will present a diagnosis along with a detailed treatment plan. Our primary concern is that our treatment is right for you and possible for you to achieve. If it any stage you are uncomfortable with any aspect we can look at ways to adapt it.

If you live in Warwick and would like to know more about how osteopathy can help you, contact us for an informal and confidential discussion.