“Having seen a few Osteopaths over a period of time for my very uncomfortable agonizing neck pain, I was beginning to think that the pain I was in was going to be a part of my life and I would have to live with it, as I didn’t feel it was getting better, but my friend who could see I was suffering on a daily basis recommended me to Farah and I will be forever grateful to that friend as Farah is truly a miracle worker, she is my savior.

I started to have regular sessions with Farah, and she would explain everything step by step checking in with me regarding my pain threshold, she gave me exercises to do and showed me how to do them correctly, and gradually I started to feel a lot better, and I can now move my neck without discomfort and I owe it all to Farah.

Farah is one of the nicest friendliest people you would ever wish to meet, she is a real professional it’s not all about the job with her she genuinely cares about you as a person, she is very attentive and listens to you, there is no rush to get you out the door when the session is up which is what I found the most irritating thing from other places I have been to.

All I can say is a huge thank you, and I will have no hesitation in recommending Farah to anybody.”

Bev Whitehall – Solihull

“I am currently undergoing treatment at Farah’s practice. Farah is a extremely knowledgeable Osteopath, very friendly and not at all judgemental, she has been dealing with a long term problem I had had with my Back. After a review of my symptoms and lifestyle she was able to pin point a number of issues and has been working on relieving the pain and provides exercises to help relieve the pain at home. Highly recommend Farah to anyone suffering from a back problem.”

Neil Poultney – Balsall Common

“Farah has worked to help my daughter with her migraines and manage her FND. The impact is noticeable in a few sessions. Very knowledgeable and caring.”

Soph McCulloch – Knowle

“I started seeing Farah at early stages of Frozen Shoulder when I was extreme agony. Within two sessions her technique had remediated a significant level of nerve and muscular pain which was a massive relief and enabled her to work on my movement more. She is a brilliant Osteopath, but made outstanding by her patient care. She authentically cares about your progress and offers bucket loads of advice and heaps of encouragement. You feel like you have a friend walking the journey with you. Highly recommend for her expertise and simply being a really lovely caring person.”

Vicki Poultney – Basall Common

“My baby started Cranial Osteopath treatment with Farah at 4 weeks old, as soon as I noticed he was showing symptoms of Colic and digestive discomfort. He was extremely uncomfortable and would cry for hours every evening, I felt so helpless. He is my third baby and they’ve all suffered with digestive issues (Colic and/or Reflux). Cranial Osteopath treatment also really helped my second baby (wish I’d known about it with my first!). I saw an improvement after the first appointment with Farah and then on a weekly basis after that. Farah gave so much helpful advice and I really feel the huge improvement was down to the Osteopath treatment. Thank you Farah, there’s nothing worse than seeing your baby suffer and being helpless and now he’s such a happy boy, I’d highly recommend your services to any parent for their child.”

Heather Kavanagh – West Midlands

“I came to Farah as I had pain in the lower back region. I was quickly diagnosed as having osteoarthritis through my work as a plasterer. After 6 sessions she has got me in pretty good shape again. Many thanks.”

John Wright – Balsall Common

“Thank you Farah. Your treatment for my knee put me back on my feet. The professionalism and personal concern for my wellbeing was superb.”

Judi Harris – Balsall Common

“We visited Farah after being recommended of her services via a friend. We were looking for a cranial osteopath after the birth of my second child. I’d been told about the benefits of the services for babies after birth which can help with any issues they may have. My little boy has been much much calmer, happier and more at ease since our sessions. Farah has been kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and non-judgemental in all our visits handling the situation with ease and professionalism. I would definitely recommend and visit again if we needed to.”

Clare Burton – Kenilworth

“I went to Farah after I had given birth. My pelvic pain was really bad and it was hard for me to stand or sit for long periods. Walking was something I couldn’t do. After having several sessions with Farah my pelvic pain had started to improve and I was walking and standing with little to no pain. Finally the pain just went. I can’t thank Farah enough for her help!”

Henna Husain – Birmingham

“Farah and her services have been a firm part of our family for a number of years and we could not recommend her highly enough. My husband and I have back ailments for different reasons, his lower back and mine upper back, neck & shoulders caused by years of bad sleep positioning. Farah treats us in a professional yet friendly manner that makes you feel that you are truly getting cared for. Farah was an incredible help both during and after my pregnancy with our son, providing cranial osteopathy that made a huge impact to my little boy who suffered from colic, reflux for the first 12 months along with a tendency to sleep on one side of his head. After a few sessions he was able to sleep more comfortably and his head shape evened out. What I really appreciate with Farah is her honesty, with all the treatments our family has received she has always said she will help if possible and never promised anything that wasn’t. :)”

Kirsty Wood – Dickens Heath

“Our daughter is currently 10 months old and from the day she was born we have suffered from lack of sleep, which is quite common in babies, but over a period of time she has become worse, every hour on the hour she would wake up screaming, and several visits to the GP later, with no change to her behaviour we were at a complete loss as to what to do next. So after some research we came across Cranial Osteopathy for babies, we were skeptical at first but with complete sleep deprivation we will try anything.

We met Farah for the first time to discuss our daughter, she was really welcoming and after a long chat she put our minds at rest and my wife & I felt that this was the right thing to do, everything that was explained to us made sense and so we decided this was the right direction we needed to go in, and so far so good, we are still in a working in progress mode, but the difference so far even after a few sessions is amazing our daughter seems more relaxed at night and we can see there is an improvement in her. We feel very confident in this treatment and can’t praise Farah enough for all her help and expertise, we are so grateful to her and look forward to continuing this journey with her.”

Malcolm Payne – Walsall Wood

“Farah is an excellent Osteopath. Farah has been treating my baby who was suffering from Torticollis. After seeing Farah for a few months, he now has full movement in his neck and is a much happier baby.
Farah is so friendly and always professional. Would highly recommend her.”

Nicola Bayley – West Midlands

“Farah is amazing. After a number of hospital visits and cortisone injections for my arthritis I had given up ever been pain free. After one visit to Farah my pain and movement had improved more than I thought possible. Thank you Farah”

Amy Rosie – Wythall

“I started visiting Farah with my baby about a month ago, Farah has been brilliant and very knowledgable. Since visiting Farah my baby is so much settled and a lot more content, she is so relaxed whilst being treated and a lot more happier and in a lot less pain. I couldn’t recommend Farah enough, she is very friendly and very interactive with my baby. Farah has also provided recommendations for stuff at home which has also helped. Thanks Farah for all your help with Lily.”

Jannette Romane-Wallace – West Midlands

“My baby girl started Cranial Osteopath treatment with Farah at 3weeks old, shes my third child and i knew something wasnt right. Both my older children sufferd with severe reflux and milk allergies. She would constantly cry and refuse feeds. One consultation with farah and she was so settled she slept for hours for the very first time. Farah helped us a great deal. We saw farah regurlary and saw big changes. I was so thankful to farah for all her help and advise, she always made me feel at ease and went above and beyond to help. Would recommend farah highly.”

Sabaah Adnan – Birmingham

“Farah has worked wonders on our baby who was 6 weeks old when we booked the first treatment. Within a few sessions the inconsolable night crying stopped, we were able to lay her flat after weeks of constant baby wearing and she started sleeping from 9pm-1am without waking! Her baby reflux stopped by the end of treatments and Farah was very honest with her recommendation of leaving a gap before the next session when she felt everything was getting better. I highly recommend seeing Farah as your baby osteopath-she’s a miracle worker for babies!”

Amme Kaur – Nuneaton

“I have been seeing Farah for 8 weeks now mostly for pelvic pain in pregnancy. She has really helped me cope with ongoing aches and pains as the pregnancy has progressed. I really appreciate that she is honest about what is achievable and she always makes me feel more positive. I would definitely recommend her to other pregnant women but I would also trust her to assess and treat any pain.”

Catherine Welsh – Balsall Common

“I saw that Farah was recommended for the treatment of SPD/PGP – having suffered badly in the past and recognising the symptoms beginning again, I decided it was worth visiting her to see if she could help. The week before my first visit I was almost immobile. She confirmed the diagnosis and worked on several tight muscles, and by the time I saw her again the following week I was moving much more easily. After two more fortnightly visits the pain was so much better and my mobility was almost back to normal. I could hardly believe it! She suggested returning a month later – at that point I was very aware I needed more treatment, and she was wonderfully helpful again. Farah is lovely and friendly, happy to chat if you want to, or to stay quiet if you would prefer to close your eyes and relax. Her practice is covid-safe and she is clearly very competent and experienced. I would definitely recommend her to someone suffering with muscle or joint problems.”

Alexander Nance – Solihull

“**Baby Cranial Ostepoathy** Pregnancy Treatment **Back Treatment I have been going to Farah for many years and she is fantastic at her job, treatment always eradicates pain in my back. I would sincerely recommend her to anyone. You are instantly at ease with her and be it chat or quiet time you want, you will be comfortable in her care. She has helped through pregnancies with SPD and I have brought my babies to have cranial osteopathy with Farah as they suffered with food allergies and severe reflux/gord, their treatment settled them especially after speedy arrivals into the world.”

Una McCann – Sutton Coldfield

“Farah is professional and very knowledgeable. I had a long term issue with my shoulder and neck, and had tried various Osteopaths and Chiropractors to fix the issue. Farah was the first person who explained the issue clearly, and after a couple of sessions, I finally felt pain free. I would highly recommend if you have any issues with back/neck/shoulder”

Usmaan Akram – Solihull

“Our 3 month old daughter had a difficult delivery with forceps, which brought on reflux and caused her body to be out of alignment.

We have had 4 great sessions and seen a massive improvement to Georgia’s posture, also in conjunction with baby Gaviscon her reflux has really improved.

Georgia’s mobility in her neck is now excellent and she seems a lot happier and certainly more comfortable.

I would highly recommend Farah to anyone who needs this type of treatment!”

Jason Capewell – Staffordshire

“I started seeing Farah during my pregnancy due to quite severe SPD and she worked miracles on me with her treatments, allowing me to have a more manageable pregnancy. Without her help, I would have ended up on crutches. I have continued to see Farah post my pregnancy and have seen a massive difference in my body due to her treatments. I can even go as far as saying, that apart from the occasional flareup, I am relatively pain free! Farah is a lovely and warm person and will always answer any questions you have! Thank you Farah!”

Amrit Kandola – Solihull

“I would highly recommend Farah. I had only seen her 4 times and the difference is amazing.”

Steve Bayliss – Balsall Common

“Been a number of times, superb service, really knows what she is talking about.”

James Sloane – Dickens Heath

“I literally have full confidence in highly recommending 5*s to Farah. I experienced head tension caused by a health trauma back in Nov/Dec 2019 and Muscular pains in my upper body, shoulders, neck, behind ears and certain areas of my head. I lost confidence and sometimes my balance. Very worrying times as I have always been a happy, healthy 37 year old women. I was recommended to try Cranial and that’s how I found Farah, who has been my ‘healing hands’. She really cares for her patients and is no way judgmental. One week I would visit Farah and I was happy, other weeks due to my symptoms and sensations, I was struggling with anxiety and would end up in tears during my treatment HOWEVER i never left an appointment leaving the way I entered it. She’s marvellous at her job! For me its been a priceless service due to my not so speedy recovery. I have coped during lockdown but I’m ready for a few more sessions with Farah as I believed and feel that she helped me through my journey. Worth every penny so do not hesitate getting in touch. Good luck, stay safe, take care.”

Marie Mills – Solihull

“Farah is amazing, works wonders with my 5 month old! She’s really lovely and has given me loads of advice about the little one (I’m a first time Mom). Would highly recommend!!”

Sarah Pittaway – West Midlands

“Farah deserves the highest praise for the osteopathic care that she provides. Without her services I would be very restricted in my daily life, and I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is having health or mobility issues. She has treated me for several years, at a practice near to me, and it is a measure of my regard for her that I now travel a much greater distance to her new practice. The new practice is located in a large private house that radiates calm and elegance, reducing stress before treatment. Farah always takes the time to thoroughly discuss treatment, and tailors it accordingly. She is brilliant at her profession, and a credit to both it and herself. My appointment yesterday was the first following the lockdown restrictions, and the safety measures that have been implemented ensure complete peace of mind during the visit.”

John Davies – Halesowen

“Farah has fixed a longstanding back problem in a matter of weeks. I have gone from having regular pain and poor mobility on occasions to being pain free after her treatment. The practice is covid-19 safe and a lovely environment in which to be treated. Appointments occur promptly, the booking system is simple and easy to use. I cannot fault this service and highly recommend Farah to anybody needing treatment. She is also a very nice lady!”

Hilary Hargrave – Earlswood

“Farah was great with my daughter – we saw results on her neck after just one session. Only wish we’d known about her earlier for her reflux! I’ve since recommended her to friends with babies and would have no hesitation using her again.”

Gemma Phelps – Knowle

“When my dancer daughter developed problems with her back, we went to see Farah. Over the course of a few weeks, not only did Farah treat and improve my daughters range of movement in her back and more importantly the pain, she also ensured that my daughter could keep dancing as much as possible. Farah, is extremely professional and her experience with children is fantastic. I would not go anywhere else for treatment.”

Sue Richards – Solihull

“Farah helped me become pain free after I had suffered for a very long time. She is both professional and knowledgeable yet maintains a warmth and openness that immediately puts you at ease. After many appointments with doctors, neurologists and physios the thing that struck me most about Farah was her complete holistic approach. Instead of looking at my physiology in isolation she took time understand my lifestyle and we worked together to make the necessary changes to compliment her treatment. Highly rated!! I’m very grateful for Farah’s healing hands and her continued support.”

AJ Sambrooks – Bentley Heath

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